December 20, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan

Hello readers !!
today i want a little story about the novel that i liked most ..
Lagenda Budak Setan ,!!
about the heartbreaking love story ..
between kasyah and ayu ..
this story is indeed very best !
i know .. many of which have their own love story ..
there are ups and downs !!
not all of which face challenges and obstacles as kasyah and ayu..
there are love until marriage ...
and there is a break up and a break fiancee ...
it is normal that ,right ??
man story ..
all there !!!

       Dia tidak pernah mimpikan seorang gadis sebelum ini.. He hates woman ! Dia anti pada perempuan.. Tetapi ,, kenapa Ayu tak pernah dibencinya ,, malah semakin digilai pula . Gila ! Yes Kasyah ! Yes ! You are beaten ! You love Ayu !
       Love ? ha ! ha ! ha ! No way ! Crazy ! I never fall in love !-
Don't be hypocrities ! Just admit it ! tak salah untuk jatuh cinta Kasyah ! In fact , the desire to love a good man .. Islam itself suggests we love each other .. Pokok pangkalnya , how we love a person ! As long as our intentions are sincere and pure ..itu sudah memadai !!.. Mengaku saja lah Kasyah ,, mengaku je yg you dah jatuh cinta dgn Ayu -
      " No!" Kasyah telan liur , mengetap bibir !
The girl was circling her like a rainbow !! Beautiful light coloured his soul was wrapped up hard to forget her face it ! He never saw such beautiful girls . Dia tak pernah terpegun dgn wajah secantik itu sebelum ni.. But .. with Ayu , he is a real dumb !Ayu face is so enchanting ..
      Dia sendiri membantah perasaannya untuk jatuh cinta dgn Ayu .. Did not he is a president of the anti-woman.. He who has created the law ! Tak ada sape boleh jatuh cinta ..klu nak main2 kan perempuan,boleh !!  So, jz maen2 kan Ayu tu !! Garnish with false promises ..sakit kan hati Ayu ..
When Ayu already fallen in love ,leaving her indomitable frustration and hurt at the heart !! 
      " No !" 
      Sekali lagi dia menjerit .. Dia pandang kiri kanan .. mujur tak ada spe brhampiran di situ ! Her eyes closed.. Ayu face is still here ! Wajah itu terlalu sukar dikikiskan ... the girl was a thief ,,responsible to stealing his !! Gadis ini telah mencuri jiwa dan raganya ..

    Dah 2 kali Ayu mengecewakan Syah ! Kedua-duanya swktu Syah sdg mghadapi exam .. The first in Sri Mutiara ..then at Fresno State ..mse final !! Xtau mcm mana deritanya Syah .. Ayu buat !! Wonder , how well the Syah passed the examination .. heart truly powerful he is !!
    Actually , Ayu loves Syah !! God knows best .. Tp apakan daya ,, Ayu yg salah !! Ayu is weak ..  Ayu is not strong ,, not willing to fight allegations !!
    Ayu fell in love with Syah at the first meeting at Class 5Seruling..  Ayu ingat lagi masa Syah mempermainkan Ayu dgn wang derma .. Kemudian ajar Ayu maen skate at Rock Roller .. eh ? ada lagi ke tmpt tu ? Everything is happening fast .. Ada satu hari tu Syah fighted with hakim becz of me !!
    Syah !! Ayu knows that Syah very loves Ayu,, Me too !! Kalau lah Ayu nie kuat dan pilih Syah masa sekolah dulu..This does not happen all ,right ??! Azmi puncanya.. He is former lover first Ayu ..!! He also was hurt Ayu .. During the school holidays ,,he came to appeal to me ..pujuk Ayu !!  I was then really in a dilemma .. Ayu tak tahu apa nak buat ,, nak pilih spe ! Finally ,, Ayu pilih Azmi.. Ayu tau Ayu yg salah . I was too weak !! 
    That's why I lied u, Syah... I had !! Ayu supposedly already stuck .. ! By God ,, I'm still good .. Alhamdulillah ,Syah berjaya juga dlm SPM .. keep an eye on the lovely quiet Syah !!! Ayu tau Syah ambil diploma bfore heading off to California ...
     Ayu sediihh sgt time tu !! I've lost u ... u never know the suffering of my heart !!
Su knows only ...bcz Ayu tell everything on the Su !!
     Nthlah !! My fate is unfortunate ,,, may also return to the Lord as disappointing Syah ! Yg Ayu harapkan panas , rupanya hujan di tengah hari.. Azmi is a good beginning ,,change behavior when entering USM .. He started crazy female !! I hear all sorts of Azmi yg menyakitkan hati Ayu.. this grieved not know want to say !! But , what is that can I do other than crying ..
    That time , Ayu menyesal sgt ! That time I always reminded Syah ! .. what can I do.. too late !! 
Dahlah masa tu dkt nak SPM.. Ayu sengaja apply Fresno State sbb Ayu tau Syah stdy kat sana .. I want to redeem my mistake .. I want to prove my true love .. !!
    And thanks , we met at Fresno State during the busy Vintage Day ..
Could not imagine ,congestion in the tens of thousands of people that , we met ! I'm sure u remember that time , Syah !!! Last April the beautiful , we meet again ..  Ayu ingt lagi sorotan mata Syah ketika itu , so charming .. threw a beautiful light brown ..stabbing right into my heart !! My love continues to blossom , a flower and a tree grew true love ... 
   But , I know .. would u accuse me of cheating , crushing and probably many more other accusations !! 
But , trust me Syah ! All this is not my will ..Ayu terperangkap n terpaksa ,, tp bukn dlm erti kata dgn kerelaan hati .. Ayu trpaksa , Syah ! Terpksa !
   I can imagine the time , u would suffer ..may also fail in the pursuit of points to get the degree ..
Syukur ,, u succeed too !! U can also degree two of us ever dreamed of ... Ayu takkn lupa janji2 yg Syah meteraikan .. Do u want us together to degree , build a happy home , love the water watered decorated children's laughter .. 
    No ! Ya Allah ..
   Knp Ayu sezalim ini ? Maafkan Ayu ! This is very wrong to me ?? I remember one day that u express ur hearts to me .. U said no one else is living in this world other than me .. from childhood u live without love ..
Mak xpernh berikn kasih syg yg amat Syah harapkan.. u cried when told it was ,, me too !! Finally we cry together .. That time I vowed to live 4ever with Syah ..!!
   Tp syg .. I have violated that oath .. Hukumlah Ayu ! Kerana Ayu lah,  Syah so thin ,, unmanageable !!
Hidup Syah xseriang dlu.. and i know , u go through a life filled with grief !! All bcuz of me.. Ayu rela diri ini dihukum .. 
   Sure , I have already received a sentence .. Ayu derita Syah !! tersgt menderita .. suffering that is not possible u can imagine ,Syah !! I was miserable at this time .. face of the punishment of God !!!! 


     Even if destined to one day be remembered and Ayu began to recover , let him know that this is the suffering and sacrifices of the most challenging .. Sudah sekian lama aku jadi penanti .. bgitu juga mkcik Leha .. ksian tgk org tua tu !! so brave and gallant .. I pray every day hoping for Ayu remember the prayer , but God has not heard .. 
    Ayu masih amnesia !
   I have met Azmi ! and usual the man apologized and expressed his mistakes .. Ahh , only Godknows the truth ?! Tp, aku hrap kali nie biarlah Azmi tu btol2 insaf .. !!
   What should I do ? Should I wait and keep waiting though not sure ? Should I change the steering wheel and looking for a replacement ? No, biarlah !! I am willing to own and retreat in this world , if I can not have Ayu ..
   Hidup ini kadangkala tiada huraian !! Begitulah ... 
   Time continues ticking .. accompanying a pair of same-clockwise !! Many people want to know what actually happened ... but what the answer should be ?
    People look at me .. mengkeji melalui perwatakan ! Trnyata aku riang bagaikan tiade mslh ..  I had to live on this !! forced through a small space in this world ..  Aku ada mslh , ttp berjuta2 lg insan lain didunia ini mmpunyai mslh yg lebih teruk .. 
    So , weeping , mourning , disappointment is not the answer to solve the problems ... 
Before , I never though like today .. 
    But , now .. I'm more mature .. raised by the experiences and frustrations .. !! 

kasyah <3 Ayu 
I could hardly believe it 
when I heard the news today
I had to come and get it straight from u
they said u were leavin'
something swept us heart away 
from the look upon ur face
I see it's true
so tell me all about it
tell me `bout the plans you're makin'
then tell me one thing more bfore I go ..

Lagenda Budak Setan

Selama 25 tahun, suku abad, menyambut jubli perak
di kemuncak kemegahan
a novel by Ahadiat Akasyah
which has become a phenomenon
kekal terjual & terus berada di rak2 buku
diseluruh semenanjung Malaysia , Sabah , Sarawak ,Brunei dan Singapore
selama 25 tahun sehinggalah kini...

appointed to the silver screen 
diambang sambutan Jubli Perak
considered not to be but this is reality
quarter of a century gone quiet..
kisah menyayat KASYAH , AYU & KHATERINA
terus kekal berada di sanubari
meniti di hati pembaca..
dan kini..
see u all at the cinema
membawa keayuan dan kehibaan ..
that would invite tears..
not made but the fact that.....

so that any..
kekal menjadi sambutan
kisah menyayat seorg lelaki
yg mnjadi pencinta agung
wlupon pd awalnya
dialah budak setan
yg xpernah kenal apa itu cinta...


Amalyna said...

novel dye jugakk best <3

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hee.. mmg la !!
cer tu terbaek dari ladang ..

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