November 24, 2014

Dear you,
Who are really special, trully special in my heart. 
You're also known heartbeat.
How long we fight. How long we not seeing each other. How long we not wish saranghae before sleep. How long we not sweet talk ever. Even how long we are not laughing together. 
You are still. Still.
I miss. I want. I still want you.
Whatever that might be happen. 
I still want you. 

U stole my heart since the first time we met. Remember?
And that feeling not changed until now. 
You ?
I hope your feels same goes like me.
I hope.
Our story will not be end like this. No! 
I still want you.
I still need you for the rest of my life.
May our relationship will bless.
Our jodoh still have.

Whenever you are.
I still thinking about you.

Whatever you do.
I always pray for you.



I still love you.

*Hoping 3 years and still counting...
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