September 25, 2010

Magika !!!!

Friday - Rombongan family Kirana telah mnyerbu cinema di ioi mall,puchong !!!
eh,, ioi lagi.. urm,,, ary tu the cary shopping pon at ioi gk.
ehe.. dh tu yg plg dekat,, bajet tmbang bas plak..!!!

antre ahli rombongan family kirana adlh ::
-hazwani kirana
-shiera kirana
-awaniza kirana
-syazana kirana
-aisyah kirana
-nellysa kirana
-seri kirana
-eunice kirana

hehe.... cm rombongan cik kiah la plak !!!1 whtever la..

urm... MAGIKA !! terbitan KRU ... not bad la cer nie.... bez gk ar..
kre tyme tgk tu xde la rse nk mnguap 2 3 kli... ahha..
mawi blakon?? aha.... oke jew,, bese !!! diana danialle ... xyh ckp la.. sore die nyanyi pon ley than gk,.. aha..
lagi??? nenek kebayan ,,ziana zain.. hhahaha.. jahat ouh nenek nie.. ish3...!!
bwg merah bwg putih ,, c adek beradik artis.. aleya n amany,... !! fimie tu jd adk diana.. trsesat ke dunia magika..

the sinopsis of magika ::<3
 --" Ayu and Malik, two sibblings is going through their darkest moments of life when their beloved mother just passed away. Malik feels so depressed believing he was the main cause of his mother’s death. During one of the evenings after a fight with his sister, Malik left to take a stroll in the forest. On and on he went until he realised he was lost and the next very moment, he appeared in another dimension called Magika.

Not only had he gotten himself lost, he was captured by a Nenek Kebayan and her follower, Awang Kenit. He is now subjected to be used as an experiment by the Nenek Kebayan to produce Essence of Youth made of human child’s tears. Upon hearing Malik’s cries for help, Ayu rushed to help her brother and she too is sucked in the Magika mystical land.
Ayu had to endure various types of challenges and obstacles in finding and to save her brother in her journey in the Magika world. And so begins the encounters of both the siblings with famous Malay heroes and myths like Badang, Dragon of Tasik Chini, Nenek Kebayan, Puteri Bunian, Pak Pandir, Hang Tuah and the Warriors of Melaka, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Bawang Putih and a lot more characters. The irony of it, all these characters actually sing in their conversation with each other!

Will Ayu be able to rescue Malik and leave the mystical land of Magika? What happens to Badang, Nenek Kebayan and other characters in Magika? Will Malik be able to overcome his dilemma over his mother’s death? Come and watch Magika the movie which is destined to be a phenomenal in the local filming industry while already setting a record to be the first local musical movie and it will be reaching our cinemas in 2010.

begitulah cernye.. hehe !!! lagu2 die pon bezt.. antrenye lgu nenek kebayan lawan ngn badang ..
haha.. enjoy gler gk ah,..

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