August 7, 2010


hurm,,, today was the most bored day ever!! even though,, today has solat camp,, but all the activities is so boring.. How come i attend this camp.. I think most of student don't want to joining this camp.. bcuz when i look at their face,, seems them do not enjoy this camp..huhuu!!

but,, we must be 'redha' with all the thing happened.. like what ustaz ismail says, 'REDHA JE LA'..
the first activity,we had a talk about wudu'& kelengkapan solat.. by ustzh mursyidah n ustzh zunairah..
then,, we been devided into a several group n conducted by the teacher's biology..Little boring .. sorry teacher!!heehee...

with LDK,,we discusssed about steps of wudu'..every single of us need to show a demo how to take a perfect wudu'...hehe!!!

One more thing,, about math & my lovely teacher CIKGU NORMIZA..
i felt serba salah towards cikgu normiza..bcuz,, we going to the school actually we want to study math.. But, we have to joined the solat camp.. sad!!!! for ckgu normiza,, we so sorry about that...

Btw,,,, today is a skula ganti,,most of the students from 4 diamond just 14 students from 27 came to school.. Oh Shira.. i very disspointed with u!! u said u want to go to school,, btu u don't go..hukhuukk!!!!
but it's ok,, i don;t mind. hehehe!! just kidding...

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